Loft Conversions in Finsbury Park, London N14.

The Barnet Loft Company is pleased to offer our professional loft conversion services in Finsbury Park and the surrounding areas of North London. Contact us for a free site survey and a no obligation quote. We specialize in any type of loft conversions. From classic loft conversions like mansard, velux, rear dormer to bespoke luxury loft conversion.


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Finsbury Park is an area in north London, England which grew up around an important railway interchange at the junction of the London Boroughs of Islington, Haringey and Hackney. Most of the terraced houses can benefit from converting unused loft space into additional bedroom, office or space to relax and play with the friends.



Where possible a conventional stair should be installed to the new storey. Other alternatives are allowable in certain circumstances, such as a fixed ladder or a space saver stair (see below).

Steepness of the stair

The rise of the new stair should be no more than 220mm, and the going (tread less nosing) no less than 220mm. The pitch should be no steeper than 42°, so the minimum going cannot be used with the maximum rise. A good guide is that twice the rise plus the going (2R + G) should be between 550mm and 700mm.
Width of the stair

There are no minimum recommendations for stair widths, but the need for furniture to be moved up and down the stair should be considered.

It is suggested that:

where there are two new habitable rooms on the new storey, or where a unique facility is provided on this storey (e.g. the only bathroom to a dwelling), the stair should be at least 800mm wide, or
if there is only one room on the new storey the stair should be not less than 600mm wide.
Tapered treads

The going in the centre should be no less than for the straight flight.
All the tapered treads should have uniform goings.
There should be a minimum tread of 50mm at the narrow end.
Headroom over the stair and landings

A clear headroom of at least 2m should be provided over the new stair and landings at the top and bottom, and if the new stair rises above the existing stair or landings, then 2m clear headroom should be maintained.