Loft Conversions - Haringey.

What is the cost of building a loft conversion?

The answer to that question depends on: the complexity of the work to be done, materials to be used, total area of the extension and location of the property, our loft conversion calculator tells you more. A loft conversion for a three-bedroom house in London would cost about £30,000. The same loft conversion would cost about £25,000 in Cheshire. Think of the money that you'll spend as an investment. The converted loft will add value to your house.



Experience and dedicated expertise

With over 10 years of experience Barnet Lofts have converted every type of loft from terrace to bungalow to multi-million pound mansions. In house design and architectural expertise, we can conduct all planning applications and we can attend to all your plumbing and heating requirements.

Guaranteed – You’re in safe hands

We offer a 10 year no quibble guarantee. You will receive a Fixed price quotation which is fully detailed so you are fully aware of what is included.

If you live in Haringey, London we will be happy to convert your loft. Contact us for a free site survey and a no obligation quote. With over 10 years experience we are happy to offer you our advice. Phone 02084491409 and speak to one of our dedicated team.







Loft - Speace to LIVE...

loft conversion bedroom in loft

An extra bedroom (or bedrooms) for your growing family, a radiant modern living room, or even a stylish loft kitchen.

loft - Space to work...

attic converted to office

A high of productivity, away from the hustle and bustle of the family household, but only a stride away at the end of the day.

loft - Space to play...

loft space - playroom

A bright and bold playroom for the kids, a home cinema, a creative studio, or just a room to dream.