Loft Conversions - Islington.

Islington is a popular London commuter town complete with its own underground stations. The area is home to many large houses.


loft conversion inslington


Many of Islington large detached and semi-detached properties are real family homes, in which families settle for many years as they raise their children. Living in such a property, many people simply do not realize the vast hidden potential that is their attic; the sometimes vast amount of square footage that is just waiting to be discovered, and to be converted into a stunning, habitable space. Don’t leave your loft as wasted space when a loft conversion in Islington could greatly improve the way you and your family live their lives.

A loft conversion in a large detached property can offer endless possibilities. Whether you decide to create your own luxurious master suite complete with bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, or a vast living space at the top of the house dedicated entirely to your children, a call to the Barnet Loft Conversions is the first step to making your ideas a reality.

The Frequently Asked Questions page on our website has been written specifically to answer the most common questions we are asked when people are first considering adding a loft conversion to their home. If your question isn’t listed, and there is something concerning you – no matter how large or small it may seem – please do get in touch and we will happily provide you with an answer.





Loft - Speace to LIVE...

loft conversion bedroom in loft

An extra bedroom (or bedrooms) for your growing family, a radiant modern living room, or even a stylish loft kitchen.

loft - Space to work...

attic converted to office

A high of productivity, away from the hustle and bustle of the family household, but only a stride away at the end of the day.

loft - Space to play...

loft space - playroom

A bright and bold playroom for the kids, a home cinema, a creative studio, or just a room to dream.