Loft Conversions in New Southgate N11, London.

The Barnet Loft Company is pleased to offer our professional loft conversion services in New Southgate and the surrounding areas of North London. Contact us for a free site survey and a no obligation quote. We specialize in any type of loft conversions. From classic loft conversions like: rear dormer loft, velux loft, mansard loft to bespoke luxury loft conversion.


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There are many things to consider when for planning a loft conversions in Barnet. A good deal of attention should be paid to fire safety in a loft conversion. Taking the time to deal carefully with this issue could mean the difference between a loft conversion that meets building regulations and provides its owner with endless enjoyment and peace of mind.

For fire safety in loft conversions in London, the main escape route is the staircase. These stairs must let out to an adequate exit point, such as a front or back door. If the staircases, both new and existing, are not completely closed with fire doors, the new rooms created by the loft conversion must have a window that is large enough to escape through.

To adequately provide for fire safety for a loft conversions in Barnet, escape windows in the loft should be easy to access. Close proximity to eaves level is vital for aiding in rescue from the outside. If the loft conversion's floor area is greater than 50m squared, other fire safety requirements may be applicable. The same is true if the loft conversion contains more than two rooms used for living space.

Smoke detectors are also important for fire safety in a loft conversion. When smoke alarms are properly installed, these early detection systems can provide warning of fire to occupants, increasing their chances of escaping safely if a fire breaks out.

Keep in mind that rooms that are high above ground level are more at risk in a fire than those that are closer to the ground. As such, special attention should be paid to the flooring used. To provide for fire safety for loft conversions in Barnet, the flooring chosen should provide adequate resistance to fire coming from below it.