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A large portion of a home's heat is lost through its roof. If you are planning a loft conversion, insulating should be a primary concern. How many times have you felt uncomfortably cold or wished for a blast of cool air in a loft room? Insulating with a loft conversion can mean the difference between sweating in the summer, freezing in the winter, and enjoying a reasonable level of comfort year round. Proper insulation cannot be overlooked, unless you want to deal with a room that is too cold or hot to be enjoyable.

A chief goal of insulating with a loft conversion is to avoid the temperature extremes all too common in loft spaces. In order to make theses spaces not only habitable, but also comfortable, it is necessary to gain control of temperature, regardless of the season. This can be accomplished with proper insulation, ventilation, and heating.

When insulating with a loft conversion, it is vital to learn current building regulations for your location. Your insulation will need to meet the minimum requirements for your area. In general, requirements for insulating with a loft conversion are slightly less strict that some other building regulations. However, complying with these requirements will provide you with a room that is not only comfortable in terms of temperature, but also more energy efficient than it was before you insulated.

Often, urethane or polyisocyanurate foam is used for insulating with a loft conversion. You can obtain this foam as a rigid panel with a foil covering. This type of insulation provides plenty of benefit. In fact, just 30 mm of this foam insulation is enough to provide better insulation than a thick brick wall.

It pays to consult the professionals when insulating with a loft conversion. An individual with experience insulating conversions may be able to provide you with helpful ideas and hints for ensuring that your insulating project is not only efficient, but also cost-effective. If you don't want to spend the money to hire professional help with insulating a loft conversion, all is not lost. Use the Internet to research tips and hints for optimal insulation techniques.

Keep in mind that insulating a loft conversion provides more than simple temperature control. Insulating a loft conversion can also be excellent for reducing noise. To insulate for noise reduction, consider using special paneling of bitumus foil, cork, and polyisocyanurate foam. This type of insulation will not only keep the noise down, but will also help in controlling temperature. With this in place, you can stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and crank your music up high without disturbing others too much.


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The current Building Regulations set down insulation standards for all new loft conversions and also minimum airflow standards to avoid problems like sweating.

Although your existing property may not comply with new insulation standards, any new rooms must. In simple terms, the walls, roof slopes and ceilings around the new rooms are required to have achieve a certain 'U' Value.

Your loft conversion must also be constructed to ensure avoidance of any 'cold spots'. Cold spots are where heat escapes, and as heat will seek out the weakest points in any construction special care needs to be taken around areas like doors, windows and joists.

The introduction of a room such as a divided loft into a previously open roof space will restrict the flow of condensation, which in turn prevents a roof's natural ventilation. Often in a loft conversion, the existing eaves ventilation will need to be increased and roof vents added to ensure adequate airflow.




Loft - Speace to LIVE...

loft conversion bedroom in loft

An extra bedroom (or bedrooms) for your growing family, a radiant modern living room, or even a stylish loft kitchen.

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